Meals you can indulge in.

Meals should be about more than fueling your body. At Heritage of Sandy Plains, we’ve designed a diverse, healthy menu that nourishes your body and brings joy to your life. Use dining at Heritage of Sandy Plains as a time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, such as great food or time with friends and family.

Restaurant-style dining every day.

Experience the joy of dining out without leaving the comforts of home. At Heritage of Sandy Plains, you can choose from several restaurant-style entrées in our community dining room, all prepared by our in-house chef.

Customized options for your needs.

Everyone has a different diet. Before you start dining with us, we’ll talk about your personal goals and how food affects your health, including special dietary restrictions. Our chef will take your needs into account for every meal, ensuring you have an exceptional dining experience every day.

Combine nourishment with connection.

Our meals revolve around nourishment – for your body and your mind. Connect with friends and family both inside and outside of our community at breakfast, lunch and dinner to enjoy a truly exceptional experience. We welcome your guests to our community dining room and other spaces. Have a meal together, then take your guests around the community, relaxing in our outdoor spaces or spending time in the game room.