What Is the Average Cost of Dementia Care?

The average cost of dementia care or Alzheimer’s care at a memory care community is $4,300 per month.

When you have a relative or friend with dementia, your first priority is to make sure he or she has the right level of care. But that care comes at a cost, which can affect the types of support you look into. In most cases, dementia care happens at a dedicated memory care community. However, some assisted living communities may also provide dementia care for those in the early stages of the disease.

The average cost of dementia care in an assisted living facility is $4,050 per month. The average cost of dementia care in a memory care community is $4,300 per month.

Those averages vary based on location and the level of care you or your relative needs. In Georgia, the average cost of dementia care at a memory care community is lower than the national average, costing $40,046 per year, or about $3,350 per month.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the cost of dementia care, which includes Alzheimer’s care and care for other types of dementia such as vascular dementia, to help you better prepare to pay for essential services and support.

Long-Term Care Planning

Long-term care planning is important for all adults, but it makes even more financial sense when you have a relative with dementia. To get started, create a list of potential expenses for your relative. This list should be detailed and include current and future personal care needs. Direct expenses associated with dementia may include:

  • Physician fees
  • Hospitalization costs
  • Medications
  • Therapies
  • Daycare service charges
  • Memory care services

By researching the average monthly cost of each service, you have an estimated budget to follow. If your relative has long-term care insurance, review their policy to calculate what his or her expected monthly contribution will be. Medicare and Medicaid should also be considered, as should VA benefits or other forms of assistance that your relative qualifies for.

Talk to a financial advisor about steps you can take to prepare for the potential need for long-term care options, like memory care services. An advisor can take a look at your relative’s assets and determine whether they have a substantial amount of funds to cover ongoing living and care expenses. If they lack the income, the advisor can recommend a strategy to build their assets to cover long-term care expenses.

Deciding on the Right Type of Dementia Care for a Loved One

Caring for someone with dementia is rewarding, but it can be challenging without outside help. As the needs of the person change, caregivers feel the emotional and physical toll of trying to meet their needs without professional assistance. And, as the disease progresses, care needs will increase and it’s likely caregivers will need assistance. When that point comes, you have several options.

In-Home Care: In-home health care is when a professional visits your home regularly to provide assistance with daily tasks and support for your relative with dementia. In-home care is typically the most expensive care option, with costs increasing as someone with dementia needs more help.

Adult Daycare: Adult daycare centers are available for dementia patients, helping working caregivers balance their jobs and caregiving responsibilities. Adult daycare is a good option for individuals that need assistance, but can still live at home without 24/7 monitoring.

Assisted Living: Assisted living is primarily for adults who are largely independent but need some help with daily tasks such as eating or bathing. They may work well for those dealing with the early stages of dementia, but as the disease progresses assisted living typically is not the best option.

Memory Care: Memory care communities are typically the go-to option for dementia care. They include housing, meals and specialized support for those with memory impairments like dementia. Memory care includes 24/7 health monitoring as well as specially trained staff who have experience with dementia, especially Alzheimer’s disease.

Dementia Care Costs Nationwide

As mentioned earlier, dementia care costs vary greatly depending on your location, the level of care required and the type of care you choose. In general, you can expect to pay about $4,300 per month for memory care. If your relative is in the early stages of the disease, you can save money by transitioning to an assisted living community until care needs become more advanced. Assisted living costs are typically around $4,050 per month.

Other care options have different costs. For example, the price of an in-home health aide, without any type of medical services rendered, is about $22 an hour or $122 for a day visit. After a month of home health aide visits, the expected cost is $3,660. Adult daycare costs an average of $70 daily or approximately $1,440 monthly if attending Monday through Friday each week.

Average Cost of Dementia Care in Georgia

Georgia is one of the more affordable states for dementia care. Average prices for all memory care services are lower than the national average. In some areas, memory care can cost as little as $3,350 per month, nearly a thousand dollars less than the national average.

However, memory care costs in Georgia can also be significantly higher than the national average depending on the area. For example, memory care services in Savannah can be over $8,000 per month.

Residents in or around Marietta, Georgia, can expect significantly lower costs. At Heritage of Sandy Plains, our Marietta memory care pricing is all-inclusive, with costs starting at just $3,400 per month. For nearly a thousand dollars less than the national average, you’ll receive housing, meals and specialized memory care programming.

Memory Care Services at the Heritage of Sandy Plains

At The Heritage of Sandy Plains, we embrace a holistic philosophy that emphasizes personalized wellness and care plans. All our dementia care programs are personalized based on residents’ current health needs and wellness goals. Team members are highly trained in the latest strategies for dementia patients and design programs to keep everyone engaged.

Our community is located in a picturesque and private neighborhood only about 30 minutes away from downtown Atlanta, making it easy for relatives to visit or residents to enjoy a day trip to the city. Contact us today to learn more about our memory care services and schedule a tour.